Custom Plantation Shutter Styles in Richmond, VA

Not sure what kind of shutters you have? We’re the shutter experts and we’re here to help! Take a look at these common types of interior shutters and see which looks most like the shutters in your home. If you’re still a little confused, not to worry! We offer free in-home consultations where we can help you decide which shutters will best fit your home and style.

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Standard Panel

Rectangular-shaped panels cover the entire window. These can be installed using any frame style.

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Cafe style

This classic style covers the bottom part of the window, allowing light to enter above while maintaining privacy.

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Bypass Track System

Ideal for patio or closet doors, panels slide on a double track that can be attached to a frame or mounted directly to a window casing.

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Arch or Angle Top Panels

Whole window solutions that perfectly fit the rounded shape of full arch windows or angles of slanted windows.

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Double-Hung Shutters

Top and bottom panels hang in the same window but operate separately, allowing the top to be opened for daylight while the bottom is closed for privacy.

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French Doors

As these shutters are mounted to doors instead of windows, they have curved or rectangular cutout options that can accommodate doorknobs or handles.

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Sunburst Arches

Sunburst patterned louvers cover unique window silhouettes such as eyebrow, elongated, and elliptical arches.

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“ Quality Services & Excellent Work!”

“Dear Faye,
Just a little thank you for making a house feel more like our home. When the plantation shutters were installed over the windows, the room transformed into a warm cozy hug. It was a WOW moment. I was referred to you through a very dear friend and I wanted to deal with a local family business, rather than a big box store. Your company was exactly everything I had in mind. At first I was a little overwhelmed with the entire process; from the shutter selection to the individual window measurements but you gave th assurance that everything would be exactly as I wanted it to be. You were right and I am more than pleased. You did everything you promised me you would do and the lifetime warranty gives me peace of mind. Once again Faye, thank you and I will be sure to promote the Shutter Company at every opportunity.”

Mrs. Freeman, Glen Allen

“The Plantation Shutters installed in my home look amazing. They changed the dynamics of the room, making it appear larger while offering natural light without sacrificing privacy. The staff were professional, knowledgeable, efficient and tidy. I will recommend Shutter Company to others and hope to add more shutters in my home in the future. Thanks again for making the entire process smooth and easy.”

Sandy C., West End

I am doubled, doubled delighted with my Polywood Shutters! My 2nd house is as wonderful as my 1st. Thanks Faye for your help. Once again I knew I could count on your advice. Also thank you to your amazing installers. They were so polite and completely professional. Another job well done!

Nancy E., Colonial Heights

“Great product! My entire house is almost complete with your shutters. Your installer is very professional and courteous. There is no reason to even have drapes again!”

Susan Wiley, Henrico, VA

Attention Manager:
“This is to inform you of the professional service rendered by your installer. He was very polite and proficient in his workmanship. I am enjoying my shutters and they complement my home very well. Accolades are in order for you installer. This type of employee is to be commended.”

Barbara N., Henrico, Virginia

“We recently had Shutter Company shutters installed in our home. We couldn’t be more pleased with their beauty. We can see that they are professionally made and were perfectly installed. We have no hesitation to highly recommend your company and to product to anyone that desires to have the finest product for their home.”

The Owens, King William, Virginia

“What a difference Polywood™ Shutters make! I always knew I wanted shutters, but I never knew how much they were going to add to my house. Every room I walk into I am so pleased. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Call the ladies at Shutter Company!”

L. McGuire, Glen Allen, VA